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Reserves are OPEN

To reserve a character, complete this form:

If you are challenging a reserve, put CHALLENGE in the subject line.

• You can reserve up to two characters at a time.
• Reserves will be held for one week. If you would like to extend your reserve, please reply to your initial comment and your reserve will be extended for an additional week.
• After your reserve expires, you will not be able to reserve that character again for one week.
• You don't need to reserve in order to apply for a character.
• Challenges are allowed. If you would like to challenge for a character that has already been reserved, please put "Challenge" in your subject line.
• For characters that have multiple reserves, applications will not be processed until all the reserved applications have been received or the reserves expire.
• Blind challenge apps (i.e. a challenge that has not been reserved) are allowed, but will not be processed until the reserved application has been received or the reserve expires.
• If a reserved application is being processed when a blind challenge app comes in, the reserved application takes precedence.

Current Reserves

Character name | Species | Reserved by: Player name | Expires xx/xx/17

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