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London's supernatural communities are divided into groups known as factions. Each faction has its own rules, territories, allies and enemies. Some factions are species-specific, while others are open to multiple supernatural species.

Characters can initially only belong to one faction. However, as the game progresses they may choose to switch factions or join a second faction. For example, a witch could be a student at the Redbright Institute while also being a practising member of their local witch coven. Depending on how the factions get on, not all combinations are possible.

The relationships between the factions are complex and ever-shifting. A rough snapshot is provided below, and will be updated as the game progresses.

Circle Daybreak
Accepts: Witches and allies ♦ Gets on with: No one :( ♦ Hates: Seelie/Unseelie Court
These witches are devoted to healing and helping others. They strive to maintain a balance between the various supernatural factions. Their covens are mostly based in the south west, with thriving communities in Kingston, Wandsworth and Richmond.
East End Pack
Accepts: Werewolves and allies ♦ Gets on with: No one :( ♦ Hates: Islington Nest, vampires
The most dominant pack of werewolves in the city. They have a fierce rivalry with the neighbouring vampires.
Hillingdon Clan
Accepts: Shapeshifters, meta humans, vampire hunters, other outcasts ♦ Gets on with: They don't trust anyone ♦ Hates: Night Council, Islington Nest, vampires
A loose clan of shapeshifters, meta humans and hunters who distrust the power of the Night Council.
Islington Nest
Accepts: Vampires and hangers-on, especially humans (yum) ♦ Gets on with: Night Council ♦ Hates: Circle Daybreak, werewolves
An influential nest of vampires in the heart of the city. The Nest forbids its vampires from eating anyone unwilling, and is building a network of willing blood donors across the city.
Night Council
Accepts: Anyone ♦ Gets on with: Redbright Institute, Islington Nest ♦ Hates: East End Pack, Seelie/Unseelie Court
Governs all supernatural activity in the UK. Their headquarters are in Westminster.
Redbright Institute
Accepts: Anyone except human students ♦ Gets on with: Night Council ♦ Hates: No one, it's all peace and love here
A school created primarily for meta humans, but that welcomes supernatural beings of all kinds. They accept students aged 11-18 into full-time education and offer bespoke training and short courses for students aged 18 and above. They also employ supernatural forces to protect the citizens of London.
Seelie & Unseelie Court
Accepts: Fae, servants from other species ♦ Gets on with: They're above making allies ♦ Hates: Circle Daybreak, vampires, witches, outcast fae
In the summer, the Seelie Court holds dominion north of the river Thames and the Unseelie Court rules south of the Thames. In the winter, this alignment flips. Fae laugh at rules set down by other supernatural groups and go where they please in the mortal realm.

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